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Pre-sales Q&A
1. What is the scanning speed of the eScan?
2. How many pages can the paper feeder hold?
3. Can the scanner connect to a network?
4. Do I have to have a PC to run this scanner?
5. Is this scanner TWAIN or ISIS compatible?
6. Is there a User Guide for the eScan A150?
7. What Operating System is used for the eScan?
8. What is the maximum size paper can I scan with the eScan?
9. What is the maximum resolution I can scan with?
10. What formats can I scan to?
11. Where can I save my scans?
12. Are the images I scan left in the scanner after I save or send a document?
13. How large is the screen that comes with the scanner?
14. Does the eScan come with a keyboard or mouse?
15. Is there complicated training for the eScan scanner?
16. Is the eScan USB 3.0 compatible?
17. Can I see my images before I send them?
18. What are the Cloud destinations I can scan to?
19. Can I send to multiple locations with a single scan?
20. What is the daily duty cycle on the eScan A150?
21. What are the dimensions of the scanner?
22. Can the eScan scan to a searchable PDF?
23. Can the scanner scan in Color mode?
24. Does the eScan scan both sides of the paper at once?
25. Is the eScan MAC compatible?
26. Can I name my files before I scan?
27. Which Document Management Systems / DMS does eScan work with?
Operation Q&A
Technical Q&A
1. How do I scan to my computer?
2. Why can’t I scan to my PC?
3. How do I change the scan settings?
4. How do I calibrate the scanner?
5. My scanner has no power, how do I resolve this?
6. How do change the file name?
7. What is the difference between PDF and Multi-Page PDF?
8. Does it support credit card scanning?
9. What network type is supported?
10. What is the range of the scanner’s WiFi?
11. My scanner screen turned off, what do I do?
12. Can I use an external hard drive as a USB storage device?
13. How do I check what firmware version I have installed?
14. What mobile platforms are supported?
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