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eScan keeps the NEW deal even warmer

Real Estate

The real estate industry is still tethered to paper for completing transactions. Today's brokers/agents want to be more responsive by responding quickly to each NEW deal. To do this, some offices have cobbled together all sorts of "workarounds" to achieve the task. Now, the real estate industry has a smart age fax sending solution. The eScan A150 lets agents easily send & save paper works electronically. In a single scan, agents are able to send and save the documents (such as leases, buy or sell agreements and signed offers or proposals) to multiple destinations. The eScan's big LCD touchscreen lighten the paper processing task of a broker does and reduces their work stress without any learning.

Testimonial (Professional Realty)
  • “The old Kodak scanner felt like a dinosaur after using the eScan,” said Thurman. “All you have to do is push a button on the touchscreen and everything is scanned directly to my clients’ email so quickly.”... Professional Realty Realtor, Dena Thurman<read more>

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